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History of the Office of Mayor

The First Town Council and its Chairmen
By Peter C Clark (former Town Clerk)

On 4 December 1894 at 6pm, a meeting was held to elect a Council for the Parish of Hatfield, as in every other parish in England and Wales. This was as a result of the passing on 5 March that year of the Local Government Act 1894.

About three hundred and fifty parochial electors attended that meeting. Lieutenant Colonel Henry Daniell was unanimously elected Chairman of the meeting. He had been Chief Constable of Hertfordshire since 1880 and continued until his retirement in 1911, aged seventy two. At the time the County Police Headquarters was in Hatfield, having relocated from Hertford some ten years earlier and Colonel Daniell himself lived in the town at Lothair Villas.

The Chairman called for nominations and twenty six candidates contested the fifteen seats. When the result was declared one of the defeated candidates, Ezekiell Elliott of Park Street, demanded a Poll. This was held on Monday 17 December and only two out of the original fifteen failed to be elected. Elliott was not elected either.

The first meeting of the new Parish Council took place on Monday 31 December 1894, and John Lloyd and Lt Colonel Henry Daniell were proposed for the position of Chairman. A vote took place and John Lloyd was elected as the first Chairman having gained a clear majority of nine votes to five. William Selby Church was elected Vice-Chairman, Mr W Cosens of London & Country Bank, Hertford was appointed Treasurer and Manasseh Johnson was formally appointed as Clerk “but the settlement of the additional salary he should receive for his new duties was postponed until a future meeting.”

Other items on the Agenda included the Returning Officer’s account for the Council’s cost of the Poll which was £31/16/6d and the account for expenses of the Parish Meeting amounting to £12/4/7d. It was also agreed that in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Local Government Act 1894, Council Meetings would be open to the Public and Press and “that the latter have full freedom of report”……”except when the Council choose to go into Camera”.

Chairmen and Mayors of the Parish of Hatfield: 1894-Present:

1894-1899 John Lloyd 1986-1987 Mrs Jeanne Wenham
1899-1902 Sir William Selby Church 1987-1988 Mrs Ellen McDonald
1902-1904 Rev George Garlick 1988-1989 Alfred Charles Appleby
1904-1919 James Crichton McCowan 1989-1990 Mrs Theresa Welham
1919-1935 John Gregory 1990-1991 George Frederick Wenham
1935-1937 Edmund Thomas Tingey 1991-1992 Alfred Charles Appleby
1937-1938 Robert Larkin 1992-1993 Mrs Jeanne Wenham
1938-1946 Mrs Kathleen Dinah Clark 1993-1994 Mrs Margaret White
1946-1955 Andrew Bennie 1994-1995 Mrs Sheila Jones
1955-1956 Thomas Titmuss 1995-1996 Mrs Gwen Williams
1956-1958 William Harold Pilkington 1996-1997 Mrs Jeanne Wenham
1958-1961 Andrew Bennie 1997-1998 Mrs Linda Mendez
1961-1963 Eric James Reynolds 1998-1999 George Frederick Wenham
1963-1964 Mrs Winifred Peacock 1999-2000 Mrs Sheila Jones
1964-1967 Arthur Prettyman 2000-2001 Mrs Jeanne Wenham
1967-1969 Mrs Theresa Welham 2001-2002 Alfred Charles Appleby
1969-1970 Stephen Roger Larner 2002-2003 Mrs Linda Mendez
1970-1971 Mrs Gertrude Mary McKie 2003-2004 Nick Atkinson
1971-1972 Mrs Theresa Welham 2004-2005 John Hawkins
1972-1973 Robert Andrew Hembury 2005-2006 Mick Long
1973-1974 Arthur Ewing Wakeford 2006-2007 Mick Long
1974-1976 Mrs Iris Mary Baker 2007-2008 Mick Clark OBE
1976-1977 Thomas Arthur Pyne 2008-2009 Howard Morgan
1977-1978 Cyril Charles Rogers 2009-2010 Mrs Caron Juggins
1978-1979 Arthur Ewing Wakeford 2010-2011 Mrs Linda Clark
1979-1980 Mrs Susan Jones 2011-2012 Howard Morgan
1980-1981 George Frederick Wenham 2012-2013 Mrs Caron Juggins
1981-1982 Mrs Sarah Sophie Turnbull Clark 2013-2014 Mrs Linda Clark
1982-1983 Graham Gerald Gulliver 2014-2015 Howard Morgan
1983-1984 Joseph William McKie 2015-2016 Mrs Sheila Jones
1984-1985 Mrs Theresa Welham 2016-2017 Mrs Linda Mendez
1985-1986 Malcolm Cooper 2017-2018 James Broach


Our first Chairman: John Lloyd (1840 -1937)

Born in London, John Lloyd was the younger son of John Lloyd, a city tobacco merchant and grandson of John Lloyd of London who purchased the Astwick Manor estate in 1819. Much of Lloyd’s life was spent in the brewing business and he was also a director of the Colne Valley Water Company.

In the poll for members of the Parish Council John Lloyd was placed twelfth, but receiving a clear majority at its first meeting, was elected the Council’s first Chairman, serving in that capacity until 1899 and remaining on the Council until 1901. Lloyd always took a keen and active interest in his farm, was a frequent exhibitor at the County Agricultural Show and a keen supporter of the Herts Agricultural Society of which he remained a member until his death. A keen all-round sportsman and an expert skater, it is recorded that at the age of ninety he was to be seen, “teaching by performance, some of his grandchildren how to cut figures on the ice.”

In 1871 Lloyd married Fanny Royds of Watford, the sister of Henry John Royds for whom Kennelwood House, the offices of Hatfield Town Council was built in the 1890s. A Justice of the Peace for Hertfordshire for forty five years and a member of the Hatfield Bench, he was, at his death aged ninety seven, the country’s oldest JP.

He died at Astwick Manor on 27 February 1937 and is buried at St Luke’s Hatfield, where in tribute to his farming interests, it is recorded on his tombstone that “he gathered 75 harvests”.

Source: www.ourhatfield.org.uk